The Power of Affirmations for Weight Loss

Affirmations for Weight Loss – The power of affirmations for weight loss, improved health, and positive  changes in

Affirmations For Weight Loss

 Many people don’t address the underlying causes of their weight loss difficulties  – their deep rooted beliefs. This is one of many ways the we are different from the competition . Our Pensacola weight loss program at OptiHealth is different. If you think of your beliefs as the root of a tree, will the tree be a healthy tree without healthy roots?
At our Pensacola weight loss center, we teach that our negative programming is a key factors in many of our life struggles, including physical health. Your mind and your body are intricately connected and dependent on each other. Your mind has been programmed by default, all of your life, and you probably weren’t aware of it. When you first start saying your positive affirmations, you might not think they are true. With repetition though, they sink into your subconscious mind, and you will really start to believe them. When you affirm positively on a regular basis, these affirmations become a self-fulling prophecy and absolutely will create your new reality.
By taking charge of your thinking through affirmations, you take charge of your mental programming process and start replacing bad programming with good programming.  You will start seeing that your results will reflect the new you. Affirmations for weight loss are a simple yet effective method of helping you achieve your weight loss goals
Don’t expect your current programming to be replaced overnight. It didn’t get where you are overnight, so expect your results to happen gradually. Affirmations really are an outstanding tool for transforming your life in miraculous ways. The beautify of affirmations for weight loss, is that they are so simple anyone can use them. Even if you don’t understand how affirmations for weight loss work, you can be using them for 5 minutes and be well on your way to changing your life. The people who commit to these affirmations invariably have the greatest results.

How to Use Affirmation for Weight Loss

Pick some affirmations from the accompanying list and start reading them aloud for about five minutes, at least three times a day. In the morning when putting on make-up or shaving would be a good time to start and really helps you start the day with the proper attitude. Lunch time would be another good opportunity to repeat your affirmations. And then for a third time, you could repeat your affirmations while making dinner or doing errands around the house. Another effective technique is to write out your affirmations several times during the day using a notebook. By thinking it and putting it on paper, you embed it more deeply into your subconscious. You may even notice that as the affirmations start taking hold, that your writing style changes!

Examples of Affirmations for Weight Loss and Health

I am reaching my weight loss goals step by step.

I am beautiful.
I enjoy doing my affirmations for weight loss and health every day
I am handsome.
I am healthy.
I crave foods that are good for me.
I love eating healthy food.
I crave water. I love to drink water.
I have the wisdom that I need to reach my weight loss goals.
I am losing weight every day.
I am getting healthier every day.
I love to exercise every day.
Exercise makes my feel better.
I am making progress every day.
Every day I’m getting closer to my ideal weight.
Every day I am getting slimmer and fitter.
I breathe deeply and appreciate each minute of every day.
I release a grateful heart and appreciate all of the blessings surrounding me.
Every cell in my body is healthy and fit.
I truly love myself for who I am.
I let go of unhelpful habits and patterns of eating.
I make choices and decisions for my higher good.
I let go of the guilt that is surrounding food.
I believe in myself. I acknowledge my goodness.
I have hope for the future.
I am grateful for my body and appreciate all that is does for me.
I unconditionally love and accept myself.
I achieve my
 If you have any questions about affirmations for weight loss and health, come by our Optihealth Pensacola Weight Loss Center, or visit our contact page

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