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When people envision optimal wellness, they typically imagine a point in their lives when their physical fitness is at its best—whether that means achieving a certain weight loss goal, training to strengthen muscles, balancing their nutritional intake, or a combination of all three. However, wellness entails more than just physicality. Wellness is defined as a quality state of physical and mental health. When it comes to health, having the right mindset is just as important as the tangible actions of exercise. At OPTIHealth‘s Wellness Center in Pensacola, Florida, it is our mission to help you fulfill every dimension of wellness in order to reach a happier, healthier you!

Physical Fitness vs. Wellness

In order to fully understand the vastness of wellness, let’s look at how wellness differs from physical fitness.

Physical fitness pertains to the body and its general well-being; or more specifically, its ability to perform daily activities and various forms of athletics without suffering physical stress or fatigue. The more “fit” you are, the easier it is to make it through the day. Everyday activities, such as walking up a flight of stairs or bicycling around your neighborhood are simple ways to gauge fitness. This standard type of fitness can be achieved through eating healthy and engaging in moderate exercise each day, as well as receiving an adequate amount of rest each night.

But with the busy touch-and-go lives many of us lead, these things are easier said than done. Participating in health programs, such as those at the OPTIHealth‘s Wellness Center in Pensacola, Florida, will facilitate the time and resources you need to develop a stress-free exercise routine that holds you accountable for your health. This will allow you to make you a priority.

Wellness dwells within the same health spectrum as physical fitness, although it involves much more than being physically strong and illness-free. Complete wellness extends to the body, mind, and soul. It is a dynamic awareness of well-being and the choices we need to make in order to live fulfilling lives. Recent studies have broken down wellness into its components as a way to illustrate the different facets of our health.

The components of wellness range from the internal—physical, emotional, and spiritual—to the external—social, occupational, and environmental. Think of nurturing these components individually as kick-starting a domino effect: choosing to exercise and eat healthy will make you feel well (physical), which in turn eases your state of mind (emotional), and boosts your deeper sense of inner harmony (spiritual).

Internal wellness is essential to external wellness. Feeling healthy on the inside, and being vigilant about your personal well-being, radiates to the outside, inspiring you to perform actively for the betterment of the world around you (environmental). Having a healthy atmosphere will simply make you happy while giving you the confidence to positively connect and interact with the people in your life (social). In turn, social well-being goes hand-in-hand with the workplace, enabling you to find accomplishment and satisfaction in your job (occupational).

At times, keeping all areas of your health balanced may seem daunting, which is why our wellness center in Pensacola is committed to making your journey to wellness as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Balancing Wellness

Each component of wellness is connected to the other. And while the benefits gained in one area of wellness cascade to the others, unfortunately, the opposite also happens when one area begins to decline. Poor physical health can dampen your emotional state and lower your spirits. That is why it is so important to be proactive about your health—to regularly keep the components of your well-being balanced!
The good news is that balancing wellness can be easily attained. Below are a few tips you can employ in your everyday life that will set you on the path toward harmonious wellness:
Start your morning by drinking a glass of filtered water to rehydrate your organs and fire-up your metabolism. Also remember to drink water periodically throughout the day. For every sugary, caffeinated beverage you consume, drink an equal portion of water so your body can flush out waste and absorb the nutrients it needs.
Set a reminder to take hourly deep breaths. This tip can also be paired with brief meditation in order to rest your mind during a busy day.
Take a break from indoor work and go outside. Nature walks are instant mood-boosters.
Exercise daily. But more importantly, do exercises that you enjoy. Enjoyable exercises encourage you to look forward to physical activity. And don’t forget this old-school exercise tip: When given the opportunity, skip the elevator, and take the stairs!
When it’s time to eat, reach for the greens. Leafy green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help keep body acids neutralized, allowing your digestive system to run smoothly.
Get plenty of sleep at night. Resting and recharging your body is just as important as exercising it. To settle your mind, shutdown electronic devices a half-hour before bed. The blue light emitted from phone and tablet screens can disrupt your sleep cycle, so give your mind the chance to reset itself from a day of extraneous sensory input.

Gradually integrating these general health tips into your daily life will help you prepare a solid wellness foundation on which OPTIHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Pensacola, Florida, can help you build, changing your life—and your health—in a positive way!

Gradually integrating these general health tips into your daily life will help you prepare a solid wellness foundation on which the Wellness Center in Pensacola can help you build, changing your life—and your health!—in a positive way.

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