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Our Weight Loss Program Reviews

My husband and I are so fortunate that we found Susan at OPTIHealth. She has helped us lose so much weight and get back on track with living a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend OPTIHealth for anyone trying to lose weight the right way. We check in with Susan each week to discuss our challenges and achievements of our weight loss goals. Susan has been a daily support for us!
She truly cares about us!

Thank you, Susan, for helping us reach our weight loss goals! You’re the Best!!
Dr. Kelly Guthrie

Kelly Guthrie, Google Review

At the age of 49, I had given up on the idea of losing weight after failing with several other popular diet plans. I met with Susan and Flo at Optihealth and decided to give it one more try. After 90 days with the program, I had lost 40 lbs and i am still maintaining today with the continuing support from the staff at Optihealth. The program is still working for me!!

James Licharowicz, Google Review

OptiHealth is a fabulous company! Susan is a very knowledgeable health coach. She has a real heart for helping people become healthy. The products and services at OptiHealth are top notch. You will not be disappointed!

Lori Thompson, Google Review

As a crazy diet person, I had all but given up on getting this weight off. I met with Susan and Flo and decided to try a different approach and I have to say these guys don’t disappoint. I have now been on the program for 33 days and am down 31lbs. The weekly weigh ins and all the support is absolutely unbelievable. I feel amazing and can’t thank these guys enough.

Christina Powers, Google Review

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