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Weight Loss in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is full of weight loss opportunities that will connect you to the community and the environment. Our beautiful coastal city is home to brilliant beaches, scenic trails, and an incredibly supportive community. Come join us at OPTIHealth and embrace the Pensacola lifestyle! From weight loss and nutrition, to counseling and community based events, we can help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

There are tons of local activities to kick your new lifestyle into gear. There are events downtown that will allow you to connect with people on similar lifestyle paths. You can sign up for walks downtown, marathons, cycling, and much more. These get togethers allow you to meet new people who are also working on their weight loss journey. Nothing is quite as motivating as being around people who are working to achieve the same things that you are! Getting out into the community and forming a network of support is key to staying focused and motivated. The other perk of being outside and with others is that you get to enjoy the picturesque downtown Pensacola area.

If the city isn’t what you’re looking for, then you can find even more engaging activities at the beach! Pensacola beach offers a variety of fun and challenging activities. You can grab a paddle board and take a leisurely path down the shore, or you can get up early and see the sunrise crest over the horizon during your morning run. Then you can dive in the water and cool off with a swim.

There are also many ways to fulfill your nutritional needs. Downtown pensacola is home to a very healthy and fun farmer’s market that pops up every Saturday morning. If you want to learn more about your food and what goes into your body, then you could head over to the “From the Group Up!” community garden. Here you can volunteer some of your time, and in exchange you’ll learn about the community, food, and you’ll even get to take some home! There are also many health conscious friendly grocery options in the area where you can get anything you may need to maintain your nutritional needs. Members here at OPTIHealth get the additional benefit of receiving guidance about meals and how to determine what foods are best for your weight loss goals.

With all of these options, it is natural to be a bit overwhelmed, especially if you are new to the area, or new to the weight loss community. We at OPTIHealth are here to help! If you become a member with us, you will obtain a variety of excellent benefits to kickstart your new lifestyle. These benefits include: scheduled fitness meetups, progress monitoring, goal coaching, and a personalized weight loss program!

If you find yourself struggling to reach goals, remember to keep it all in perspective. When you look at your end goal you may feel intimidated by how impossible it seems, but you have to remember to break it down. Don’t look at your weight loss goals as some hulking, long, arduous task. Instead, chop it up into smaller, more digestible parts. You don’t want to look at it as losing 50 pounds in a year, that seems scary. 4 pounds a month is better, or even a pound a week. Those are small, but significant goals that you can actually track and achieve.

At OPTIHealth, we also offer some great, all natural weight loss formulas that will help you kick start your lifestyle change! We want to see you succeed just as much as you do. We coach our members through every stage of the weight loss process and ensure that they reach their goals.

Contact us for more help, tips and advice! You can find that information on our contact page up above.