How to Wake Up Your Inner Fitness Beast

How to Wake Up Your Inner Fitness Beast

LaDonna Spivey, a trainer at Kingdom Fitness came to our OPTIHealth Pensacola weight loss center and rocked the room. Her credo is to wake up the inner fitness beast that sleeps in each and every one of us. LaDonna offered our group some invaluable keys to stay motivated despite moods, surrounding negativity or breakdowns.

Respect Your Body

First, LaDonna gave us some perspective on how we often times fail to treat our body with the respect it deserves. We tend to value our possessions more than our own bodies. She reminded us that insurance companies evaluate and assign value to each body part. On the paper, our body is worth millions of dollars. Yet we invest sometimes few efforts in the essential care.

LaDonna asks, “Would you equip your dream house with high-end systems or would you go for the cheapest price you can find? Would you furnish it with great furniture or would you cut on costs? Would you not install a security system, maintain the plumbing, electric wiring and clean the gutters? Keep the pool in good shape?”

We will easily invest our resources of time, money and energy in taking care of a house or a car but we often times fail to give priority to what really matters, our health.  Achieving a healthy weight through weight loss is a good step in the right direction.  As the great late Jim Rohn said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Regular Maintenance

How many ailments and diseases could we prevent if only we handled basic and regular maintenance of our body and mind? How much more efficiency and productivity could we attain when our body functions at its optimal? Is life not more pleasant when we are full of energy and in-tune with ourselves? Weight loss is one of the key factors in achieving this state.

Yet, we make excuses for our lack of activity when it comes to exercising. Some people say they don’t have time. Others say they don’t have the money or not enough energy. Maybe the motivation is not there.

Leave Your Excuses at The Door

Having time is a matter of time management. Who manages your time if not you? It is about setting priorities. There is no way around that, health is the priority. There’s an old saying that goes something like this: A man with health has a million wishes. A sick man only has one wish: to be healthy. Weight loss is absolutely essential to being healthy.

Some don’t have money. The money aspect proceeds of two things. Maybe there can be some room made in the budget to join a class. Again it is matter of priorities. Otherwise, there are many ways of exercising that do not cost a dime and many free videos available on the Internet to become more knowledgeable and intentional in developing a fitness routine.

For those who feel they do not have the energy, this is all the more a reason to make it a point to get moving and to build momentum one step at a time. Baby steps count. Nobody is expected to run a marathon without adequate training – and who said the goal was to run a marathon anyway? Having a healthy physical activity is not about attaining the level of performance of an athlete. It means to maintain the body in good health whatever that is for you. When the body is active on a regular basis the energy level increases and it feels great.

Finally, when it comes to motivation, it simply does not appear overnight. Action generates motivation. It is the first step that counts. Then you get to build momentum and the motivation increases with each and every step. We all made the mistake at some point to believe that motivation would come by magic one morning when we would wake up. In truth, motivation develops as a by-product of action.

Accumulated Actions

Energy, motivation and enjoyment come along as a result of accumulated actions. We have to cause these improvements in our lives to effect positive results. It means working through our own resistance, reluctance and limiting beliefs. In order to accomplish breaking through the negativity we have to have a why. LaDonna emphasized the necessity of clarifying for ourselves our deepest wants and desires. It is fundamental to connect with a true sense of purpose to sustain us through rougher times.

Why does it matter to exercise? To stay or get in good shape? For what purpose? Maybe you want more freedom in your choice of activities rather than restricting yourself for fear of lacking the energy. Perhaps you want play with your children or grandchildren. Maybe you have a demanding career? You may have the desire at heart to be involved in some form of volunteering work. Feeling good is not a luxury. It is the privilege of those who invest in themselves and that serves them in reaching objectives that are meaningful to them.

Enjoy Your Fitness

In addition to being clear about your why, you want to choose activities you know you enjoy or that you will possibly develop a taste for. Enjoying what you do is key to progressing and maintaining consistency. Moreover, there will be more sustainability in your process if you are happy to participate in the activity.

There is no point in martyrizing yourself with running if you receive no pleasure in it whatsoever. Of course you have to allow a fair chance when you try a new activity but if you become certain that it is not a good fit do not get discourage and explore another possibility.

Consider group activities or having a partner to give you accountability. It will enable you work through some of the hurdles you will encounter on the way. It makes the journey a little easier. You may be more inclined of getting out of bed on a cold rainy morning when you know you are meeting your friend to work out.

Weight Loss is Essential to Being Healthy

In a nutshell, we are the product of our habits and we need to come to term with the fact that our habits are the results of the things we decide to do or not do. We have to be stronger than our excuses and in order to do that we want to go deep within to connect with our fundamental desires as well as expand our view on life to see the big picture. Simultaneously, we are to take action. Whether you think you are ready or not, take mindful action and before you know it, you will see major results.

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LaDonna will be back at our Pensacola Weight loss center on Wednesday May 3rd to “Get to the Core” of fitness benefits. Make sure to join us at 6pm in our conference room at OPTIHealth Weight Loss and Wellness. Share the Wednesday Wellness segment with your friends and bring them along. The more the merrier.


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