The Subconscious – Turning the Corner in One’s Approach to Food

The Subconscious – Turning the Corner in One’s Approach to Food

Mike Hodges is a life and business coach with Become your Best, and specializes in offering tools and techniques designed for personal and professional development.  However, understanding personal development doesn’t spare a person from facing struggles of his or her own.

Mike Hodge’s Story

Mike joined the OPTIHealth program in January and was kind enough to share his experience and his success with our newer members. He shared with authenticity and humor his challenges as well as the insights he gained along the various phases of the program. Thanks to his commitment to the program and reprogramming the subsconscious mind, he turned a corner in his approach to food, and that is what he recounted to all those who were present for our Wellness Education Segment.

Turning 54

Mike will turn 54 years old in June. As a young man he was very active physically, practicing martial arts and being very engaged in his career. His high intensity lifestyle allowed him to shed off any extra weight until his thyroid gave in. It is now all but dead. For the longest time Mike was proactive about attempting to lose the weight he gained.

He joined and tried a large number of programs to manage his weight gain, and maintained effective medical treatment for his thyroid. However, his hectic schedule, increasing professional demands, and chaotic lifestyle, combined with aging process, led to a situation in which his weight continually increased every year. He was at the brink of giving up all together the idea of attaining a healthy weight. But he had never tried reprogramming the subconscious

Over the last past few years, Mike’s weight kept going up and his energy level was decreasing. Eight hours of sleep barely covered his need for rest and he had to supplement his day with a lot of coffee to enable him to function. The tiredness and the extra weight not only represented a daily struggle in accomplishing his necessary tasks, but it held him back from achieving the success he deserved and diminished his quality of life. Undoubtedly, the subconscious mind was playing a role in his battles.

The Journey Begins

In January 2017, Mike began his journey with us at our  OPTIHealth Pensacola weight loss and wellness center.  In about eight weeks he released almost 40 pounds. Most importantly, he accomplished several mental shifts that reoriented his approach toward food. He told us a story about the night when his children and wife came home with a delicious pizza, one of Mike’s favorite foods. “It’s proof that God exists and loves us,” is how he describes pizza.

What he found interesting was how instead of feeling deprived and resentful for not being able to join his family in eating some of the pizza, he realized that him staying away from it was only temporary. He had developed the discipline and focus necessary to complete the lean phase of his program as thoroughly as possible.  He eloquently said, ”I love pizza and I will eat it in the future, but I want it less than I want the good health and wellness that I currently feel.” He added that his positive feelings about his new body and lifestyle overpowered the desire to indulge and eat pizza that night.


Moreover, it was as if an emotional weight had been lifted from him. This event lead Mike to realize that it was no longer a “grind” to implement clean eating habits. His emotional relationship with food had shifted. From then on he viewed food as a “tool.” “It is the fuel I need to live the live life I want,” Mike declared, “And this is the way I want to live: I am empowered, in control and I enjoy my food as I am maintaining a healthy relationship with it. I feel liberated.“

Mike no longer needs to rely on chemical stimulation from coffee or sugar to “make it through the day.” His sleep has improved in quality. He feels he can function on six hours and thrive on seven where he used to feel low energy and woke up tired after eight hours of sleep. It is making a world of a difference.

Directing the Subconscious Mind

At our Optihealth Pensacola weight loss and wellness center, we address the mind and body, as they are intricately connected. The subconscious mind  plays a huge part in how we think and what we accomplish.  To support his weight loss goals, Mike uses hypnosis tapes  at night in order to program the subconscious mind to seek more health and constantly optimize his physical well being. He is about to resume a steady and active physical routine to rebuild his muscle mass.

He now feels better in his body, and his energy level and focus is great. It is also very enjoyable for him to hear his friends’ positive comments on his improved physique. Buying clothes is simpler, because he no longer requires “irregular” sizes.  This is only one of the many pleasant perks Mike has gained from following the program diligently and making efforts to reprogram the subconscious mind. .

Mike Today

Over the course of the program, Mike has increased his confidence and enthusiasm. He also reconnected with himself. Mike is now confident in his ability to make correct food choices rather than constantly having to count calories.

He is truly liberated knowing and trusting that his body not only knows what to eat, but when. Mike is well on his way to achieve optimal living and enjoying the journey in the process. In his effort to become the best version of himself, Mike has provided a model for others with similar struggles to follow.

What are your weight loss and wellness goals? Do you have questions? Come by our Optihealth Pensacola Weight loss and wellness center, or visit our contact page and send us a message.

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