The Importance of Maintaining a Strong Core

The Importance of Maintaining a Strong Core – Pictured: U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Stephen Frank, instructor pilot, 559 Flying Training

Personal trainer and fitness instructor LaDonna Spivey came by our Optihealth Pensacola weight loss and wellness center and provided us with additional keys to enhance our physical health. A few weeks ago, LaDonna helped us to wake up our inner fitness beast. This time, she returned to educate us on the importance of maintaining a strong core.

There’s a Difference Between Health and Fitness

For starters, LaDonna offered us an important distinction between health and fitness. Health is really the absence of disease. It encompasses physical, mental and social wellbeing. It requires implementing good eating habits, adequate amount of sleep, physical exercise and fulfilling behaviors. On the other hand, fitness deals with performing physical activity. One can be physically fit but unhealthy if they do not eat in a balanced manner, which makes them susceptible to getting sick.

LaDonna emphasized the importance of de-stressing as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Stress has a tremendous impact on the body and the mind. Granted that we cannot avoid stress all together, nevertheless we have to some degree an impact on our environment and most importantly we have control over ourselves. Practicing “de-stressing” is a major contribution to a balanced, healthy and happy life.

What do we want in term of physical fitness? We do not all aim at becoming athletes. But what is certain is that the absence of physical exercise leads to the deterioration of the body. The average person wants a strong base. What we need is a muscular structure strong enough to promote the motion of the body. This will relieve some of the stress put on the joints, and as a result of having sufficient muscle mass the metabolism increases.

The Importance of Maintaining a Strong Core

Of course all group muscles serve a purpose. Nonetheless, LaDonna dedicated special attention to the core muscles. Having a strong core is indispensable to ensure balance and overall strength of the body. Having a strong core prevents us from dealing with a large array of back issues. The core muscles act as a belt around our lower abdomen. They promote multidirectional movement as well as protect our organs.

Our core muscles are organized in several layers. The deeper layers matter the most when it comes to protecting the back and concur to physical strength. The abdomen muscles on the surface, also referred to as “the six-pack,” are more of just vanity muscles.

Our bodies are built for motion. It is essential to understand that practicing only cardio will not tone up the body nor affect overall physical strength to the degree that is desired. In a healthy physical routine it is important to add some form of weight training to offer some resistance. Keep in mind though that working out on machines only allows to focus on a small group of muscles at once. All groups of muscles require attention and for that reason it is recommended to practice full body movements to promote the work more group muscles.

Having an adequate muscle structure participates in balance. It plays an important part in preventing slips and falls as well. At all ages we are susceptible of falling although obviously the elderly may face even more dire consequence from the common fracture of the hip, we can all suffer terrible consequences from a simple fall.

Flexibility is another component to a healthy muscle structure. It supports us in accessing a broader range of motion. Most of us do not realize how much they limit themselves by not performing a minimal amount of regular stretching. Plus, it enables the body and mind to relax. Therefore, stretching is an indispensable part of complete fitness routine.

Incorporate Core Exercises into Your Workout

Every form of physical exercise is a contribution to our overall health. A variety of components such as cardio, resistance and stretching are necessary to optimize our muscular structure. At the core of this muscular structure our core muscles ensure balance, protection and strength.

You can’t ignore the importance of maintaining a strong core!


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