Goal Setting – Why Most Weight Loss Goals Are Never Achieved

Goal Setting – Why Most Weight Loss Goals Are Never Achieved

One reason why most goals don’t work long term is because people have the ability to project out to the point of failure. For instance, let’s say a business man sets a projection to do $1000 per day for the next 12 months. Day 1 he misses his goal. Day 2 he attains his goal. By day 30, he may have only hit his goal 4 times.

Goal Setting – Don’t Look So Far Ahead

It would be easy for a person to project all the way out to 12 months and say, “I’m already $26,000 behind schedule. At this point, I’m too far behind to make my goal.” The natural reaction would be to start scaling back the goal, or complete discouragement all together. It is a known fact that it takes 21 days of doing something consistent to create a new habit or to break an old one.

When goal setting, to get real results you have to understand the science of why people get discouraged and have taken every precaution necessary to ensure your success. When it comes to the OptiHealth Pensacola Weight Loss Program, you will notice that the cycles are broken up into 21 day increments. This is based on the science of goal setting.

After your load day, you begin Phase 2 which is 2-21 day cycles. As you enter into Phase 3, it is 4-21 day cycles, and Phase 4 is 1-21 day cycle. Once you begin Phase 5, we encourage you to continue your goal setting into smaller 21 day cycles.

Goal Setting – Success Through Shorter Goals

Whether you are goal setting for your family, your business, or your Pensacola weight loss journey, you will experience more achievement by setting shorter and more frequent goals. If you experience a tough couple of weeks and you start to project out to the point of failure, you will already see your achievement of the cycle is only a week away.

Remember to stop looking at a year as 12 months or 4 quarters. Instead, look at it as 17 cycles of 21 or 17 opportunities to break bad habits and create new ones.


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