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OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center

Located in Downtown Pensacola, FL

OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center is located in scenic downtown Pensacola, Florida. Our weight loss program is designed to not only give you what your body needs, but to provide the support and coaching needed to create new life habits.

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Ongoing Education to Maintain a Healthy Weight For Life

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OptiHealth: A Different Weight Loss and Wellness Center

At OptiHealth Pensacola FL weight loss and wellness center, we don’t just help people reach their weight loss goals – we facilitate maintaining optimal health and wellness for life.

Many individuals experience only short-term success through other weight loss or wellness programs. In fact, in many cases, they find themselves in a worsened condition than when they started.

To achieve lasting results, you not only need a healthy and effective program but ongoing education and support. Our weight loss Pensacola FL based program gives you these crucial factors that will enable you to break bad habits and develop new ones. Carrying excessive weight or being in a poor physical condition is generally a result of us taking the wrong actions or a complete lack of actions.

The OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center Program

Eating Healthy and Frequently for Weight Loss

By eating nutritious meals frequently throughout the day, your body realizes that food is plentiful and your survival mechanism never kicks in. This causes more weight loss.

OptiHealth’s unique system is designed to not only to kick-start your body’s ability to burn fat but also to help you keep burning fat with healthy, easy recipes and a community of support.

The recipes outlined in the OptiHealth program are specially designed to work with your body to keep you in the fat-burning state for exceptional results.

Therefore, our program is not a diet. No one can live on a diet. Eventually, you are going to be overcome by cravings or hunger. If your food doesn’t taste good, at some point you will stop eating it. On our program, the typical meal should not look anything like diet food.

For some, a steak dinner with steamed veggies and a piece of fruit is typical. For others, it can be fish with a fresh salad and fruit. Our plan includes amazing recipes that you get to enjoy.

At the same time, we teach you how your body works so you can burn more fat and lose weight quickly and permanently.

Latest Testimonial

At our OptiHealth Weight Loss Pensacola FL facility, we strive not only to teach people how to reach their weight loss goal but also to give them the education to maintain optimal health and wellness for life.

In our weight loss program in Pensacola, FL you will have continued success and support at your regular Meet Up group and activities. This allows you to connect with other amazing people, and share and interchange of encouragement.

Weight loss is much easier when you have the support of a community!

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Ongoing Education

To get lasting results, our OptiHealth Pensacola Weight Loss and Wellness Center offers a healthy and effective weight loss program and ongoing education and support. This will enable you to break bad habits and develop new ones. The OptiHealth program is specifically designed to promote long-term success. This will include our suggested blend of formulas and supplements to ensure you achieve your desired result.

At our OptiHealth Weight Loss Pensacola FL facility, we organize weekly meetings at our office where a variety of speakers from a number of different fields in wellness provide tools and insights. These speakers are experts in their domain and will communicate to you their passion and knowledge for you to gather information and enrich your lifestyle with new practices.

It is a wonderful chance to build and belong to a community of people who share a common desire to progress and thrive in their lives by enriching their knowledge and navigating together the complexities of a healthy lifestyle.

Support and Accountability

One reason many people don’t reach their goals is the lack of accountability. For that reason, we have developed HELEN, your virtual personal assistant.

HELEN will be expecting you to text in your weight on a daily basis, giving you that gentle but necessary accountability that is essential to sticking to the program. The HELEN system can also answer questions, offer encouragement, and ensure accountability.

You will have the Best Body Daily Journal to monitor your progress and keep track of your calories as well as your supplements. Write down your goal weight in your OPTIHealth Daily Journal. Writing down your goal weight tells your body what it is working toward. Nothing is more rewarding than setting a goal and reaching it. Your journal is an effortless guide to help you succeed!

The weekly weigh-ins provide with a space to reflect on the process you are experiencing in your program. You keep track of the different indicators of your body composition and assess the different variables that participate in your expanding well being. Our holistic approach will bring you to take inventory and retrain your habits around your thoughts processes, your sleeping patterns, your energy level to expand your overall appreciation of life.

Our OptiHealth Pensacola weight loss meet ups will give you the opportunity to exchange and discuss your journey with others who are traveling the same path. You may form alliances and challenge in good spirit with the other participants during and outside the weekly meetings and the monthly activities. It is also the opportunity to build a community of like-minded people and to contribute with your unique personality to the group helping one another.

Moving and Having Fun for Weight Loss

When it comes to exercise, do something that you like and look forward to doing. If you are consistent, even a few minutes a day can add up to huge results for greater weight loss. Having a healthy amount of muscle mass is indispensable to maintain the integrity of the body and it gives access to a more free and energized life. You also burn more calories, which gives you additional choices when it comes to your food selection.

Top Weight Loss and Wellness Center Pensacola Florida

The secret is to diversify the types of activity and to be consistent. Performing the ultimate calorie burn – vary your physical activity. Up your cardio or add more strength training. Your muscles will become familiar with the same old workout, so mix it up. Get out of your comfort zone. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is great for burning body fat effectively. Just remember to progress slowly and deliberately when incorporating HIIT into your routine.

The more enjoyment you experience and the more chances you will give yourself to achieve long-term engagement with your fitness actions.

Weight Loss and Wellness Center Pensacola, FL

Receive the Proper Nutrition Your Body Needs for Weight Loss

When your body receives the proper nutrition, you don’t feel as hungry and your cravings subside. Poor nutrition and empty calories are a reason that many people have to consume so much food in one sitting. Eating healthy and delicious food will keep your body healthy, give you energy, and boost your mood resulting in healthy weight loss.

The OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center program will include our suggested blend of formulas and supplements to ensure you achieve your desired results. Our system is about detoxifying the body, and providing the proper vitamins and minerals to assist in balancing hormones so you can get into an incredible fat-burning state supported by our premium, hormone-free and all natural supplements.

It also focuses on eating a healthy food list that will keep you in the fat-burning state. As you shed the unwanted weight you retrain your metabolism to work for you ensuring the longevity of your wellbeing.
You will become more strategic when you shop! Use the recommended food list provided to avoid temptation and to ensure best results. The food list is a very effective tool because we have figured out the calories for each of your meals so you don’t have to do the work. We have also created helpful recipes and menu options.

By eating more healthy foods you can speed up your metabolism and lose weight. Once you do that, it becomes impossible for your body to maintain the same level of fat. The pounds will start to melt away quickly.

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